Benefits of Self-stimulation

Dr Lisa Hallsworth
Happy female doctor explains masturbation.

Compared to male masturbation, female masturbation is much less common. According to experts, 39 percent of women aged 18 to 60 years masturbate compared with 61 percent of men. There are many benefits associated with female masturbation, and it is especially useful for older women.With increasing age, the body undergoes physical changes that can affect your sex life. The good news is that all these changes are not so bad: Aging can have positive effects on sexuality. Some women, for example, report that they feel more freedom in obtaining pleasure from sex as they get older and now they don’t need measures for birth control. Other women experience physical or emotional changes that can make sex less enjoyable.

Female masturbation: harm or benefit?

There are many reasons that the females masturbate: lack of stalls, sexual dissatisfaction. Some women even engage themselves in it in the times of boredom. The most popular methods of self-satisfaction being the use of one’s own finger or a vibrator.

But how useful this activity is?

Sexologists decided to collect all the “pros” and “cons” of female masturbation and came to the conclusion that self-satisfaction is still useful: not only for the women’s health, but also for their relationship with their partners.

So, what are the benefits of masturbation?

  1. Masturbation Improves Mood

Achieving orgasm increases serotonin (the hormone of joy) in the brain as well as the blood. This improves mood and helps fight the depression.

  1. Masturbation Improves your Sex Life with your Partner

This statement has also been proven in numerous experiments. A woman, who regularly engages herself in masturbation, knows best how to satisfy herself with pleasure. She also uses this knowledge during sex with her partner. Sexologists believe that the most useful from this point of view is masturbation with a vibrator.

  1. Masturbation Helps to Relax

Self-satisfaction perfectly relieves the stress after a hard day and helps you relax.

  1. Masturbation Reduces Pain

Many women masturbate to help themselves cope with the painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It is also proved that the achievement of orgasm during masturbation relieves headache, a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome.

5. Masturbation and AgingOne of the common problems experienced by older women is physical changes in the vagina. With age, the vagina becomes shorter and narrower. In addition, in absence of a regular supply of estrogen, vaginal walls become thin and hard. For this reason, women often experience vaginal dryness or lack of natural vaginal lubrication.Masturbation techniques can help fix some of these problems by stimulating the brain to produce physical changes in the vagina. “Masturbation, which includes stimulation of the clitoris, urethra or vagina, activates different neural pathways responsible for swelling of the clitoris, elongation and lubrication of vagina”. said Kathy Naughton MD. Age is not a single cause of vaginal dryness and pain during sex. The prolonged absence of sexual stimulation may also contribute to this problem. Masturbation and sexual arousal can be especially useful for older women, who have less lubrication and more discomfort during sex.

And for women who do not have an active sexual partner e.g. because they are divorced, widowed or have a partner who is sick, masturbation can be a source of satisfaction in the absence of sexual intercourse.

However, sexologists emphasize that abuse of masturbation is still not worth it. Too frequent masturbation can cause psychological dependence, and in rare cases inability to achieve an orgasm with a partner.

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